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I miss my furry friend

..,It’s quiet at my house these days.
..,My best friend died while I was in the hospital and rehabilitation.
..,I got the bad news from a neighbor who had been good enough to feed and water my small, grey tabby cat while I was away.
..,He found her lying on the kitchen floor, unable to get up or eat and drink. He scooped her up and took her to the veterinarian, but there was no hope.
..,The vet said he could probably keep my cat alive for a few more days, but suggested it would be best to have her put to sleep.
..,It was tough decision to make, but I didn’t want my kitty to suffer and agreed to have her put to sleep. I suppose that I wasn’t too surprised that my cat was in bad shape. The little cat had lost a lot of weight recently and was just skin and bones.
..,I know that I did what was best for her, but I’ll still miss my cat. She had been a good companion for me since my wife of 50 years died a little over two years ago.
..,If nothing else, it was comforting to have someone else in the house. I wasn’t quite as lonely as I might have been without her.
..,We’d had the cat for about 15 years since one of our employees at the Pleasant Hill Times found her wandering behind the post office.
..,We took her in and ran a classified ad in the newspaper to see if she belonged to anyone. There was no response to the ad and the cat became a permanent fixture at the newspaper office.
..,We named the little cat “Misprint,” but called her “Missy” for short.
..,She soon became popular with folks who would come into the newspaper office. When the front door opened, “Missy” would leap up on the counter and beg to be petted. As a result, the little stray cat found a lot of love in addition to food and water and a warm place to sleep.
..,If she didn’t jump up on the counter when a customer came through the front door, he or she most often would ask in disappointed tone, “Where’s the cat?
..,We’d usually tell him or her that “Missy” was in the back of the office sleeping and couldn’t be disturbed.
..,Despite that, the cat earned her keep. We rarely saw a mouse or spider in the office, She would even kill wasps that found their way into the newspaper office.
..,When the stray cat we had taken in and brought home died, my wife and I moved “Missy” home. She had no problem settling in and soon found where her water bowl, food dish and litter box were.
..,Once I’m on my feet again, I’ll probably adopt another cat from a shelter, but I’ll always remember my best friend “Missy”.